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How does the system keep tracking my sales commission?

Your sales tracked using your domain name.
You receive commission from all sales on your sites.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, You have two ways to do it:

Please read choosing domain name howto

How can I customize my site?

Login to your account, choose "Customize shops" link:

Do you have ready to use attractive designs?

We have several additional designs.
Install Instructions.
But we urge partners to change default designs, so sites will not be simular.

How can I make Export Pages to be available for visitors from certain countries only?

How can I create left and right side bars as well as Header and Footer?

Create header (that includes left side bar) and footer (that includes right side bar) based on this template.

How many visitors and hits does my site have?

To see how many visitors and hits your site has, please place any counter/tracker to your header/footer. You can use Extreme tracker or any other tracker.

I have $xx.xx as a "comission". How can I redeem this money?

How do i create "buy now" button from my website, to the shopping cart of my shop

Link is{IDCARD}-{QTY}
where IDCARD is card code from this export and QTY is number of cards
Example: << two cardinal $20 cards

I would like to know what my link should be to direct visitors to your cards-page for calls from UK to Italy charged in GB pounds.

Referral link:
where {AID} is your affiliate ID

In case you have pushline shop use:
* use your own shop name instead of ""

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