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How Remote Shop works

Remote Shop – create your VERY own shop!

PHP knowledge required to install and modify.

So, you already know how to earn online by selling our Prepaid Phone Cards and want to become more flexible in your shop promotion. makes it easier for you!
Use our Remote Shop functionality to create a shop under your own domain name on any hosting.

Remote Shop is a technology that allows you to create 100% independent Phone Cards Online Shop. Remote Shop allows you to easily customize shop's appearance and content.
All information about the cards and rates on your site is updated automatically.
Moreover, there is no need to open any merchant account – all payments are processed by our automated system at Your monthly earnings are automatically transferred to your Savings Account.

Remote Shop gives you everything you need for free: shop scripts, basic templates and content. Installation takes only a few minutes. So simply install Remote Shop to your server and begin promoting your VERY own shop immediately!

Remote Shop benefits:

Remote Shop technical details:

Install Remote Shop
Customization Instructions
Here you can view an example of the functioning remote shop

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